Home Organization Binder ... The Sections: Schedules


So, I have all my dividers ready ... all my printed goodies are ready to be placed in their appropriate sections ... so where should it all go??!!

I've broken this blog into a few sections, otherwise, I'll go on FOREVER!!

In the front pocket of the binder, right now I have the print out from Simplify 101 on creating a command central binder.  This won't last long once I get it going, so I am thinking this is where I will keep my Week At a Glance pages so they are easy access!!

At the very beginning of the binder, before any of the sections begin, I am putting the blank printed calendars for the year.  This way, I figure I can jot notes here as things come in and then transfer that to our dry/erase calendar that will be posted within our family command center near the door. 

The first section I have is Schedules.  My husband is an athletic director, so his is the main schedule that will go here!  Eventually, as our little guy ... and hopefully a couple more little ones, get older, their many schedules will also join dads!  As for mom's schedule ... well, as most of us know ... that revolves around all the other schedules!!  ;)

Home Organization Binder ... The Dividers


My next step was getting some dividers set!  Again, with my supplies from my classroom, I had these available to me.  For now, I have 8 sections ... knowing that these will probably change over the course of actual use!  The sections I have set are: Schedules, Meals, Cleaning, Finances, Important Numbers, Menus, House Projects, Special Events.  I do plan on using page protectors in some areas of my binder, so I wanted to be sure the dividers stuck out past all the pages.  In the past I had used tabs and secured those on to the page protector. 

However, in my blog readings of those genius people out there ... I read somewhere (sorry, don't remember where exactly) that you can slide the tabbed dividers into the page protectors, with a simple slit along the side ... GENIUS!!!

So ... I gathered my Exacto knife, dividers, page protectors ... and a ruler, to get things started!  All I simply did was lay the page protector over the tabbed divider.  With my Exacto knife, I made a small slit on both sides of the tab.  Then ... I slide the ruler into the page protector and used it as the "cutting mat" to slice between the two slits!!  Gently slide the divider into the page protector, while slightly rolling back the tab ... lined it up ... and through the slit it came!! 

And then ... tah dah!!!  Tabs that can be seen with lots of binder goodies stuffed!!  Time to start loading it up with all the paper piles around the house!!  Yippee!!  It's the little things that excite me!! 

Also, a side note ... I printed on the labels that came with the dividers.  When printing, since there is a glossy finish to the labels, I used the Glossy Photo Paper setting, as the first time I did it, the ink was bubbly and shear ... as you can see here at the beginning of the words!!

Home Organization Binder ... The Beginning


In following what many families have created, so brilliantly, I have begun assembling a Home Organization Binder ... or "The Bott Business," as it will be known in our house (playing on our last name)!! With all my school supplies, I knew I would have most of the stuff I needed to begin the assembly process.

So, I gathered my materials, large 3" binder, page protectors, tabbed dividers, etc. I still would like to get some binder pockets, business card holders, and know that more may be needed as I use this wonderful family organizer!

With materials gathered, I wanted to see what others were doing! I always say, why reinvent the wheel if someone else already has and is willing to share! Here are some of the wonderful links and files I utilized to help get me started!!

>  http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/p/free-printables.html

>  http://www.simplify101.com/create-home-reference-binder.php

>  http://organizedhome.com/household-notebook/printable-pages

>  http://simplemom.net/tools/downloads/

>  http://www.everythingmom.com/index.php?option=com_docman&Itemid=140

>  http://creativemamma.com/free-printable-doodle-2012-write-in-calendar/

>  http://www.marthastewart.com/search/apachesolr_search/checklists

 > http://www.mommytracked.com/downloads

As you can see, I have a good start of "stuff!" Now onto the tabs to start getting this mass of wonderful goodies in order!!

Who in the world are you??!!


Who am I ... my how that has changed in the recent year! I was an elementary school teacher for 11 years, teaching Kindergarten, First and Second grades. I was in the beginning of my eleventh year when I went in to labor prematurely (14 weeks!) and that was the last day, thus far, of my teaching career. I am now a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom ... for those of you who have no idea what that means ... like I did before these past couple months) with my now one-year-old son. This has been a pretty big change for me, as I like to be involved and was with very much at school! Going from working many hours a day to ... well still "working" many hours a day, just in a different way has been a large adjustment. Though, I am happy to say I LOVE being home and can't imagine not being here. Also, I have NO idea how you working moms do it ... you're truly amazing!!

With being home, I've been going through the many things I could do to feel like I am "working," yet still have the balance, time, and ability to do something from home! I've contemplated many things ... but nothing that really tripped my trigger. We've recently moved into a new home, just this past August, and I have been "busy" with that. Then it dawned on me ... as I was constantly searching the web for organizing ideas, decorating to dos, etc, etc, etc!! Aahhh ... why not blog about all the little things I'm doing around the house and in life to help those, like me, who constantly are looking for new ideas! Will the things I share all be new ... I doubt it!! However, if it helps pass along a wonderful idea to others more quickly ... Woohoo!!!

So, here we begin! A few short notes about my blogging and typing ...
1) I love double ending punctuation ... why, no clue, I just do!! (See!!)
2) I am a huge fan of ellipses ... though they are mostly likely used ENTIRELY wrong!
3) I often fail to hit the spell check button ... so, if you notice some miscues, please let me know!!
4) I am completely new to this ... yes, I have read and follow TONS of blogs, but creating and posting on my own ... wowsers!! So, please be patient with me and I'll do my best ... just for you!

Let the fun begin!
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