Home Organization Binder ... The Sections: Schedules


So, I have all my dividers ready ... all my printed goodies are ready to be placed in their appropriate sections ... so where should it all go??!!

I've broken this blog into a few sections, otherwise, I'll go on FOREVER!!

In the front pocket of the binder, right now I have the print out from Simplify 101 on creating a command central binder.  This won't last long once I get it going, so I am thinking this is where I will keep my Week At a Glance pages so they are easy access!!

At the very beginning of the binder, before any of the sections begin, I am putting the blank printed calendars for the year.  This way, I figure I can jot notes here as things come in and then transfer that to our dry/erase calendar that will be posted within our family command center near the door. 

The first section I have is Schedules.  My husband is an athletic director, so his is the main schedule that will go here!  Eventually, as our little guy ... and hopefully a couple more little ones, get older, their many schedules will also join dads!  As for mom's schedule ... well, as most of us know ... that revolves around all the other schedules!!  ;)

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