Home Organization Binder ... The Sections: Cleaning


Ooh ... is this an area I SOOOOO need to utilize to its fullest!  I can't tell you how many times I have pinned ideas from Pinterst to get a "cleaning ritual" started in my house!  I struggled to stay on top of my cleaning when I was in our tiny town home ... now being in our much bigger house ... nearly 3 times the size ... with WAY more bathrooms ... I NEED this section to be fully functional and I am determined to stay on top of it as best I can!  Plus ... since we will be in this house FOREVER ... I want to make sure areas I may have overlooked before get taken care of in this home!

As I first mentioned, I have pinned one too many schedules on Pinterest as to how to maintain a schedule for cleaning.  Well ... I've always been one who likes little catchy mnemonic devices to help me remember things!  In talking with my good friend Shannon, from Shannon Joy Photography, she mentioned reading about something similar to this somewhere.  So, in order to remember my cleaning tasks for each day ... I figured, what a great idea ... Why Not??!!

So ... here's what I have come up with ...

Mop the Floors & Menu Making Monday
Tidy Up and Toilet Tuesdays
Windex and Wipe Down Wednesday
Throw Away and _______ Thursdays
Feather Duster and Fluff Fridays
Wash It Up & Wine Weekends

Okay ... so wine has nothing to do with cleaning ... at least not that I have been made aware of yet, but this is all about staying SANE!!!  So, keeping ourselves sane when our weekends get crazy busy ... as glass of wine at the end of these days with family or friends helps the sanity remain!

As you can see ... I'd like to add another avenue to Thursdays ... still thinking!!

Home Organization Binder ... The Sections: Menus


We've come to the second part of my binder ... Menus!!

Well, it's been so long since I have posted because I have been messing with this section on how I want to get it set and what things I want in it! 

Would you believe after hours of searching for just the right grocery list or just the right menu planner, that I ended up finding something I was most comfortable with from a template in Microsoft Word ... no kidding!!  I did tweak it some, added some more columns, changed some subtitles, but I think I have what I want!  And I ended up with one single sheet of paper!!  No joke! 

I've made it available here for you to take a peek at!!


Once I have a chance to take some quick pics ... I'll post those too!

I am planning on making a similar Menu board as Jen from IHeart Organizing has for her kitchen ... so cute and so simple!! 

This is where I will post the menu meals planned, instead of having them tucked away in the binder, I want hubby and eventually the kiddos to be able to choose what they would like for dinner.  Plus, with my husband's schedule being so random, I don't plan meals for particular days!  I make a list of meals for a two-week period and then choose from there ... crossing off as we have them!  So ... I'm not sure how I will label my menu board ... maybe just cute bullet point shapes ... we'll see!  I'll post picks of my menu board when I finish up the project!

So literally ... this section ... for right now, is the grocery list in a page protector ... that's it!!  I'm sure it will change as I fully begin to use the binder ... but for now ... simplicity is key!!

**Here are some wonderful sites and amazing people who have created meal/menu planners!  Hope this helps get your Meal section off to a good start!!

*Kim from 773 created this great little book that simply has to be printed!!  FREE!!  And SO cute too!!

*Jen ... "THE Project Girl" has great menu pages available for download too!

*Here's a few, inlcuding a monthly planner, from About.com!http://frugalliving.about.com/od/grocerysavings/tp/Free-Meal-Planners.htm

*Design Finch had a multitude of Pins from Pinterest to this wonderful page of planners!!

*Money Saving Moms have these customizable planners ready for your touch too!!

Please share what works for you!! 

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