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We've come to the second part of my binder ... Menus!!

Well, it's been so long since I have posted because I have been messing with this section on how I want to get it set and what things I want in it! 

Would you believe after hours of searching for just the right grocery list or just the right menu planner, that I ended up finding something I was most comfortable with from a template in Microsoft Word ... no kidding!!  I did tweak it some, added some more columns, changed some subtitles, but I think I have what I want!  And I ended up with one single sheet of paper!!  No joke! 

I've made it available here for you to take a peek at!!


Once I have a chance to take some quick pics ... I'll post those too!

I am planning on making a similar Menu board as Jen from IHeart Organizing has for her kitchen ... so cute and so simple!! 

This is where I will post the menu meals planned, instead of having them tucked away in the binder, I want hubby and eventually the kiddos to be able to choose what they would like for dinner.  Plus, with my husband's schedule being so random, I don't plan meals for particular days!  I make a list of meals for a two-week period and then choose from there ... crossing off as we have them!  So ... I'm not sure how I will label my menu board ... maybe just cute bullet point shapes ... we'll see!  I'll post picks of my menu board when I finish up the project!

So literally ... this section ... for right now, is the grocery list in a page protector ... that's it!!  I'm sure it will change as I fully begin to use the binder ... but for now ... simplicity is key!!

**Here are some wonderful sites and amazing people who have created meal/menu planners!  Hope this helps get your Meal section off to a good start!!

*Kim from 773 created this great little book that simply has to be printed!!  FREE!!  And SO cute too!!

*Jen ... "THE Project Girl" has great menu pages available for download too!

*Here's a few, inlcuding a monthly planner, from About.com!http://frugalliving.about.com/od/grocerysavings/tp/Free-Meal-Planners.htm

*Design Finch had a multitude of Pins from Pinterest to this wonderful page of planners!!

*Money Saving Moms have these customizable planners ready for your touch too!!

Please share what works for you!! 

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