Merry Christmas From Our House to Yours!


This year was such a pleasure spending the holidays in our new home! 

I was off and decorating before Halloween! 


There's not a whole lot here this year, but it's a start and for only being in our home for just over 4 months, I don't think it's too bad! 


Just a few pictures to show some of the Christmas decorating in our home! 


Happy Holidays!

Time to Organize the Office!!!


I am desperate for some crafting space!!  I have things here and there right now.  Being in our house for just over 4 months now, it's time to get my space put together!  Now, without a steady income of my own ... it's hard to beg and plead for new shelves and organization materials when I have so much from my classroom.  So, today's plan is to figure out what shelves I have available, configure them into our office so hubby and i each have our own desk space and I have a nice crafting area ... that our son can't reach!  :)  So, off I go to snap some before pictures and get to work!  Wish me luck!



Santa brought me a Silhouette Cameo!!  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am!!  Let the projects and INSANELY sane organizing begin!!!  Wahoo!!!!!!!

A Couple Christmas Projects


This year I enjoyed doing some new projects for the holidays ... more so this year because I'm home, then any other year ... so far, anyways!  Plus ... it's also my first season with PINTEREST!!  Need I say more!

So, in the new house, we have windows ... lots of windows!  I created some Christmas Wreaths for the indoor windows in our living/kitchen great room.  I first saw something similar to this photo from Southern Living, however the wreaths were on the inside of the sun room. 

I had 6 windows I wanted to add wreaths to ... Farm and Fleet, a store local to IL & WI, had two toned wreaths for 5 bucks!  Then I hit the Jo-Ann Fabrics early sale with an additional 25% of my entire purchase and bought the velvet ribbon, berry picks, and cinnamon scented pine cones. 

A little crafty time with floral wire ... and this is what came about! 

I made each wreath for under 10 bucks! And for the ones selling at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, Michaels, etc ... for 50 bucks or more, even with a 50% off coupon ... I was pretty happy! Plus I can change these out with my themes each year, as I choose!

Here's a few of them in our living room windows, along side our mantle!
I also wanted two Front Porch Christmas Trees to frame the sides of our front door!  Now looking at some at HomeGoods, Menards, etc ... I knew they were well out of our budget!  So, to Pinterest I went!  And, of course ... found these Tomato Cage Trees!!

So, I first asked my mom if she had any tomato cages ... no such luck!  Menards and Home Depot, out for the season.  Then, mom found some on the clearance rack at the Dollar Store!!  Wahoo!!  Less then a buck for 2!!  I bought some cheapo garland from Michaels for $1.99 for a 9' section ... I bought 6, I had 2 at home already from years past!

A couple hours, some white lights, and an extra gaudy bow for the top! 

Tah dah!!  Cheap front porch Christmas Trees!!

Another Finance List ... for the Holidays!!


The holidays are always a time when I feel stressed about how tight money can be!  Well, not this year, I wanted to be sure to be planned ahead and save accordingly.  With little income on my part, I also had to prepare the hubby for the expenses of the holiday season!  He definitely didn't realize how much "little" stuff I would purchase to complete the holiday!  Still don't think he has a grasp on it!  Maybe I should send him out to pick up the "little" stuff one week and see how that goes!! 

Anywho ... back on topic, to prepare myself and help the hubby, I created this little sheet to plan out the budget and include ideas and purchased items.

This way we can stay on track and in budget as much as possible!  He also has referred to this list more so than in the past wondering who and what we still had to buy for.  He actually seems more excited about the shopping this year!!  Love that!!

Home Organization Binder ... The Sections: Finances


This is an area I am NOT a fan of ... Finances that is ... not organizing!  ;)  So, I don't do much with our family finances!  Being a SAHM now, there is very little cash flow that I see anymore!  Hubby is definitely the bread winner at this point in our lives!!  I do watch a couple little kiddos throughout the week, so that gives me a little bit of spending moola to pay the couple credit cards I have and pick up the unexpecteds here and there!

This is the finance sheet that I have used for quite a few years.  It's nice and short now, so not much to check off on a monthly basis, but I do need it to keep me on track!

Hope this helps all you stay on track as it does me!!

I'll look into some budget planners and see if I find any that may be of interest!  It may be hard since I won't actually be using them, but want to point you in the right direction!!

Another Grocery List ... for Holiday Cookie Shopping!!


So ... as you can tell, the holidays are upon us ... and I am MIA from my fun little blog!!  Though absent from posting ... still trying to stay as organized as possible!!  Currently I'm in the midst of one of my favorite times of year ... though it can be crazy chaotic ... I am bound and determined to be more organized then ever!! 

This coming week I will begin my holiday cookie baking!!  And this year the cookies WILL be given away as gifts and thank yous and will NOT stay in the house!!  As I gathered my recipes and started using my grocery list to make my baking supply list, I realized my regular grocery list was not going to cut it!  So, I've tweaked my regular shopping list a bit and have it here to share with you!!

Happy Holidays and happy baking memories to you and yours!!
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