Another Finance List ... for the Holidays!!


The holidays are always a time when I feel stressed about how tight money can be!  Well, not this year, I wanted to be sure to be planned ahead and save accordingly.  With little income on my part, I also had to prepare the hubby for the expenses of the holiday season!  He definitely didn't realize how much "little" stuff I would purchase to complete the holiday!  Still don't think he has a grasp on it!  Maybe I should send him out to pick up the "little" stuff one week and see how that goes!! 

Anywho ... back on topic, to prepare myself and help the hubby, I created this little sheet to plan out the budget and include ideas and purchased items.

This way we can stay on track and in budget as much as possible!  He also has referred to this list more so than in the past wondering who and what we still had to buy for.  He actually seems more excited about the shopping this year!!  Love that!!

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