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This is an area I am NOT a fan of ... Finances that is ... not organizing!  ;)  So, I don't do much with our family finances!  Being a SAHM now, there is very little cash flow that I see anymore!  Hubby is definitely the bread winner at this point in our lives!!  I do watch a couple little kiddos throughout the week, so that gives me a little bit of spending moola to pay the couple credit cards I have and pick up the unexpecteds here and there!

This is the finance sheet that I have used for quite a few years.  It's nice and short now, so not much to check off on a monthly basis, but I do need it to keep me on track! 


Hope this helps all you stay on track as it does me!!

I'll look into some budget planners and see if I find any that may be of interest!  It may be hard since I won't actually be using them, but want to point you in the right direction!!

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