Valentine's Day Yarn Letters


With our new mantel, I am so excited to be able to decorate it for holidays!  It was one of my favorite spots for Christmas.  I am currently working on getting some red and Heart Day goodies on it now!  I just finished these little puppies up ... yep, with the sicknesses in the house, it took a little longer then expected!  But I do like them! 

I purchased some cardboard letter from JoAnn Fabrics for $1.99 each ... with an additional 20% off ... love me some coupons!  Also purchased some yarn that was on sale for $2.49.  I would recommend using thicker, more textured yarn, but the thin "regular" yarn worked too!

When going into this project, please learn to love imperfection!  I first got the idea of wrapping things in yarn after seeing Jen's Holiday Trees from  IHeart Organizing and she even said to aim for imperfection right off the bat, you'll go mad if you try to make it perfect!  Well, you know me ... tried for perfection ... let go of it really quickly!!

So, I first started by trimming some yarn pieces to wrap the ends of the Xs with, about 2 inches.  I used craft glue, but hot glue would work too!  I simply glued the ends and laid out the yarn in rows, leaving some yarn hang over to wrap under the wound yarn later. 

Then I began wrapping ... I started with the "legs" of the X and wrapped each one of those.

Next, I began wrapping the interior of the X.  To start the yarn, I would put a little glue in between already wrapped yarn, and press me new end into it.  When the yarn needed to be finished off, I used a thin ruler and slid it under the yarn that was already wrapped.  As you can see in the picture, I did run a line of glue along the edges, as it helped to keep the yarn from sliding up or down.  I also, spaced out the yarn, and then went back and filled in the spaces to give it a double layer-type of effect ... plus it helped to make sure I didn't miss any spots!

With the Os, I ended up doing them each a different way ... one I cut a chunk out of and taped it back in, so wrapping would be easy and continuous.  The other, I simply cut snippets of yarn and glued, wrapped and tucked over and over again, because you obviously can't squeeze the yarn through the center every wrap ... wow, exhausting!

Overall, I am very pleased with the results.  If I had to do over again, I might wrap the "ends" of the Os like I did the ends of the Xs, and then do a continuous horizontal wrap around, instead of following the curve of the O. 

Off to work on my next projects to add to the mantel ... a tissue paper wreath and a felt heart garland!!

Here are some other very cute letters ... wish I would have seen these first, love the "ombre" effect!!

Spice up a quote!!


I stumbled upon this wonderful little blog a few days ago ... Sprik Space!  She has some wonderful printables and backgrounds; and offers quite a large stock of freebies!!!  (Not to mention she's also a NICU mommy, so I hold an even extra level of respect for her!!)

Sprik Space

I had recently found this fun little quote on Pinterest ... where else ... that I wanted to add to my newly arranged craft area!! 

I took that example and tweaked it a little with Print Shop and came up with this ...

Then while I was reading a recent blog on ... where else ... but Tatertots & Jello ... I was lead to some wonderful chevron backgrounds from Sprik Space!!  And that plain little Creativity quote was about to get a makeover!!

I simply downloaded her Creamy Tan chevron background ... added it to the back of my quote and got this ...

I love!!  And it adds a little something to the top of my craft shelves ... a space just begging to be filled!!  Here's the printable for you, if you so care to print one for yourself!!  Enjoy!!

Coat and Cleaning Closet Organization


So, the one of the little things that I wasn't crazy about in this house was that there was no coat closet near the front door ... anywhere on the first floor for that matter!  The only closet on the main level is the closet in our mudroom!  So, that closet has to be utilized for both our coats and cleaning equipment!

This space has been a collect-all since we moved in.  Stuff falling over and out whenever you went into it or dare tried to get anything out!  I had some mismatched shelving in there to try and help the situation, but to no avail!

So, the other day when I was at Target, I found they had the fabric bins in their dollar section again!  I grabbed 4 ... at $2.50 each ... $10 total, to see if they might lead to a revamp of the closet!  They did!

As they say in organizing, if you're going to do it right ... pull everything out and start over!  So, I did!

I knew I needed space for each of our little things, needed a broom holder to hold all the cleaning goodies, and some space for shoes, the vacuum, and buckets! 

I started with the top shelf and those Target bins!  Each one got a label and filled with it's goodies!  I could have fit another up there, but the tp doesn't look all too bad there and I need to have space for the loose bags!

Then onto the coats ... I wish I could say we weaned out some, but only a couple were removed ... my hubby and I both have a thing with coats!  So, his got the black hangers, mine the white!  Our little guy's also got white!  I put them in order by color ... of course!  I also made sure to zip and button them ... you may be letting out a huge sigh with a "whatever" right now, but trust me it makes a HUGE difference!  Also, whenever I hang a coat, I pull out the sleeve to the front.  Lessens the bulk and leaves a more organized look!

Next, I knew I needed to have my mops and brooms at the far end of the closet, so to HomeGoods I went!  They always have the little gadgets I need!  Sure enough, double pack of adjustable broom holders for $9 bucks!  One for the closet and one for the garage, which will desperately be needed this spring!

I did have a few extra things that didn't fit on the rack, so I used the old school, simple metal shower curtain hooks (which I had in my mounds of school supply bins) to hang the Swifter Wet Jet, since it's heaviest; and my broom, since I access that the most frequently! 

Some suction cups on the door to hold my small handheld dusters.  A clear page protector to house our weekly cleaning schedule (Thanks to Jen @ Tatertots & Jello for the idea!!)

I also, removed two of the shoe shelves I had in there, we seem to be keeping most of our shoes in our bedroom closet.  I did leave on shoe rack, because you have to have a little space for those that you kick off!  The space from the other two shoe racks, now parks the vacuum and mop buckets!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!  Next, I'd like to add some fun wallpaper or painting technique to the back wall, or inside the door panels!  Definitely a summer project though!

Clothing Closet Organization


So, our closet is ginormous, well to me anyways!!  I love it ... though we did have to pay an extra room fee to have the darn carpet cleaned in there!  However, what I don't love is that it has one single white wire rack around the whole thing!  So, it's not the ideal set up, however, it's going to have to be good enough for the time being ... hubby's not about to invest in any fancy closet system (neither IKEA nor California Closets)!  So ... I'm left with dealing with what we have...unfortunately, I don't have any of those wonderful "OOOH" closet pictures like this ...

Or this ...

Or even this ...

Okay ... back from dream land ... reality is, we obviously share the closet.  I have no dresser, hubby has one ... ugh, one disgusting, broken, brass handle one!  (Summer redo project!)  His dresser is not in the closet, but it holds his boxers, sport socks, t-shirts and gym shorts.  The rest of our stuff is in the closet!  Hubby has a MASS amount of clothes ... yes, more than me!  He still has 3 bins from the move that he has yet to open and unpack!  I am hoping he doesn't miss them when I transport them to Goodwill!  ;)

Any who, some simple places I start when organizing clothes ...

  • All the same color hangers ... white plastic hangers for shirts, black plastic hangers for pants.  We do have some wooden pant hangers for our slacks, but for everyday jeans, etc. black plastic hangers!
  • I color coordinate my clothes ... in rainbow order!  So, my shirts go from red to black, with every color in between, but all red shirts are together, all orange shirts are together, etc.
  • I organize by seasons ... since here in IL they change so unannounced (50 degrees today with a significant snow expected tomorrow!)  I do not store anything away throughout the year ... what we have is out and available at all times!
  • Keep like items together ... short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, fancy tanks, dresses, etc.
(Yes, those are wire hangers ... almost have hubby convinced to put them on plastic hangers when he gets them from the dry cleaners ... especially since he rarely wears a shirt and tie anymore! Can you say ... "Hanger marks!!")
  • Make sure items are all hung in the same direction ... when I hang up my shirts, the front is always facing to the left.  When I hang my pants, the tops are always on the left side of the hanger.

  • Make sure items are all folded the same ... I have a certain way I fold t-shirts, sweatshirts, sport tanks, etc.  The key is to have the front edge of the "pile" looking even and clean.

  • And if you haven't worn it in a year ... take a long hard look at it ... does it REALLY need to be there??  Will it ever fit again ... if so GREAT, but will it be in style??!!
  • Don't expect it to be perfect 24/7/365...though it looks so nice when it is!

Check out what others are saying and some great tips they are passing along!!

How about you?? Any wonderful secrets to share??!!

Terrific Giveaway From One of My Favorite Sites!!!


Tatertots & Jello (TT& J) is one of my daily checks when I look through sites and blogs!  Jen is a mastermind of simple cute crafts & organization!  She has a wonderful eye for simplicity and organization ... not to mention WAY cute stuff!!  :)

She hosts these wonderful Weekend Wrap Up Party where many, many bloggers link up their wonderful ideas and allows the viewers to simply click to find some wonderful projects and ideas!  It's like a mini Pinterest every week!!  I <3 it!!

This week she's hosting a wonderful giveaway associated with her Weekend Wrap Up ... a Project Life kit!!  No joke!!  If you've been looking to organize that mass of pictures you have stored in boxes, this IS your answer!!  I know a few friends who LOVE this system and I am anxious to get my hands on it and join in on the fun!! 

So, slide by her site ... or check out the Weekend Wrap Up party specifically to get lost in a world of goodness!!  Enjoy!!

Home Organization Binder ... Important Dates


So, every year at this time I find myself hunting for a cute ... cheap ... calendar to mark all our important to remembers on!  Well ... with starting our Home Organization binder in October ... I really want to push to use it efficiently this year!  Also, I'm planning on creating a dry/erase "family command center," so to speak, so having an additional calendar on the side of the fridge just isn't necessary, plus I'm happy to lose the "clutter" look it gives!

In reading through the number of brilliant blogs that are out there, someone mentioned that birthdays and anniversaries are always the same from year to year ... duh???!!!  I know, ** smacking forehead with open hand! **  So, in my office I have our "sloppy" calendar, where I jot things down quickly ... if I don't, I'll forget them! 

I have the calendar on my office organizer from thirty-one ... which I LOVE!!  There are two clear pockets on it ... one horizontal and one vertical.  The vertical one is right next to the calendar, so I'm going to slide in our yearly important dates in there!  (In the future, I'm planning to purchase cards for 3 months and slide them behind it ... then we'll always be ready for the monthly events!!)

So, here is the Important Dates page I created ... I made it both vertical or horizontal, so you can choose which works best for you!  Enjoy!!

These wonderful blogs also have made Important Date pages ... some for purchase, some for FREE!!
* IHeart Organizing ... $$
* Organized Home
* It's Not Always Black & White ... $$
* The Project Girl

Also ... if you're interested in getting the Office Organizer ... here's a link to do so!  And you can get it in various patterns to match your own decor!  :) 
* Thirty-One: Jenna D.

Office Organization ... Coming Along!!


So my new Silhouette Cameo needed a safe and efficient home ... this lead to an entire revamp of our office space ... well, my office space!  No guts yet to touch the hubby's space!

Here's what I started with ... YIKES!!

Stuff ALL over!!  And just laying everywhere!!  And yes ... I did pull out bins before and try to make it effective, just didn't cut it!  Plus, this is only the office space ... I had another table set up in a spare bedroom with my sewing stuff and some crafting things! 
I needed it all in one central location!  The spare bedroom just wasn't enough space, especially sine the hubby's parent's come to visit about once a month and they need their own space!
So ... the office it was and here is what I have to work with!  So excited!!

I started by decluttering my desk and moving the light to the left side!  Then I moved the two wood finished bookcases aside the large white cabinet (which has a new home up in our bedroom!) and put them to the right of my desk.  Those black wire storage units just weren't working right out in the open.  The black wire shelves got rearranged and are now under the large folding tables, housing the wonderful black IKEA file boxes ... which still need labels!  As you can see, my Silhouette Cameo has a home right on top of my shelves near my desk, for quick USB hook up and lots and lots of use!!

I placed two old shelves from my classroom at the end of each table.  From the picture above looking into the room, I have some shoe bins with goodies in it, that my little guy will be able to use when he gets a tad older and some storage for wonderful magazines FULL of ideas!!  I then used some tension curtain rods (also from my classroom) to hold my spools of ribbon on the other shelf!  Storage underneath for scrap booking paper and MORE magazines!!  I grabbed a cheapo over the door shoe organizer from TJMaxx and that holds my large spools of curling ribbon ... and some tulle ... all hidden behind the office door!


And my favorite ... the wonderful Trofast shelving system pieces from IKEA to hold all the little things that I don't want my little man getting a hold of!  I spray painted the shelves black, used my Cameo to cut out the cute letters that I Mod-Podged onto the front of the bins!! So much fun and so ready to take on some projects!! 

(Ooh ... see that large, "double-wide" magazine holder next to my books ... that's where my larger cans and containers are hiding, i.e. Mod-Podge, Spray Adhesive, etc!)

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