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So, our closet is ginormous, well to me anyways!!  I love it ... though we did have to pay an extra room fee to have the darn carpet cleaned in there!  However, what I don't love is that it has one single white wire rack around the whole thing!  So, it's not the ideal set up, however, it's going to have to be good enough for the time being ... hubby's not about to invest in any fancy closet system (neither IKEA nor California Closets)!  So ... I'm left with dealing with what we have...unfortunately, I don't have any of those wonderful "OOOH" closet pictures like this ...

Or this ...

Or even this ...

Okay ... back from dream land ... reality is, we obviously share the closet.  I have no dresser, hubby has one ... ugh, one disgusting, broken, brass handle one!  (Summer redo project!)  His dresser is not in the closet, but it holds his boxers, sport socks, t-shirts and gym shorts.  The rest of our stuff is in the closet!  Hubby has a MASS amount of clothes ... yes, more than me!  He still has 3 bins from the move that he has yet to open and unpack!  I am hoping he doesn't miss them when I transport them to Goodwill!  ;)

Any who, some simple places I start when organizing clothes ...

  • All the same color hangers ... white plastic hangers for shirts, black plastic hangers for pants.  We do have some wooden pant hangers for our slacks, but for everyday jeans, etc. black plastic hangers!
  • I color coordinate my clothes ... in rainbow order!  So, my shirts go from red to black, with every color in between, but all red shirts are together, all orange shirts are together, etc.
  • I organize by seasons ... since here in IL they change so unannounced (50 degrees today with a significant snow expected tomorrow!)  I do not store anything away throughout the year ... what we have is out and available at all times!
  • Keep like items together ... short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, fancy tanks, dresses, etc.
(Yes, those are wire hangers ... almost have hubby convinced to put them on plastic hangers when he gets them from the dry cleaners ... especially since he rarely wears a shirt and tie anymore! Can you say ... "Hanger marks!!")
  • Make sure items are all hung in the same direction ... when I hang up my shirts, the front is always facing to the left.  When I hang my pants, the tops are always on the left side of the hanger.

  • Make sure items are all folded the same ... I have a certain way I fold t-shirts, sweatshirts, sport tanks, etc.  The key is to have the front edge of the "pile" looking even and clean.

  • And if you haven't worn it in a year ... take a long hard look at it ... does it REALLY need to be there??  Will it ever fit again ... if so GREAT, but will it be in style??!!
  • Don't expect it to be perfect 24/7/365...though it looks so nice when it is!

Check out what others are saying and some great tips they are passing along!!

How about you?? Any wonderful secrets to share??!!

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  1. Save space by hanging sleeveless shirts and t-shirts on them!


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