Coat and Cleaning Closet Organization


So, the one of the little things that I wasn't crazy about in this house was that there was no coat closet near the front door ... anywhere on the first floor for that matter!  The only closet on the main level is the closet in our mudroom!  So, that closet has to be utilized for both our coats and cleaning equipment!

This space has been a collect-all since we moved in.  Stuff falling over and out whenever you went into it or dare tried to get anything out!  I had some mismatched shelving in there to try and help the situation, but to no avail!

So, the other day when I was at Target, I found they had the fabric bins in their dollar section again!  I grabbed 4 ... at $2.50 each ... $10 total, to see if they might lead to a revamp of the closet!  They did!

As they say in organizing, if you're going to do it right ... pull everything out and start over!  So, I did!

I knew I needed space for each of our little things, needed a broom holder to hold all the cleaning goodies, and some space for shoes, the vacuum, and buckets! 

I started with the top shelf and those Target bins!  Each one got a label and filled with it's goodies!  I could have fit another up there, but the tp doesn't look all too bad there and I need to have space for the loose bags!

Then onto the coats ... I wish I could say we weaned out some, but only a couple were removed ... my hubby and I both have a thing with coats!  So, his got the black hangers, mine the white!  Our little guy's also got white!  I put them in order by color ... of course!  I also made sure to zip and button them ... you may be letting out a huge sigh with a "whatever" right now, but trust me it makes a HUGE difference!  Also, whenever I hang a coat, I pull out the sleeve to the front.  Lessens the bulk and leaves a more organized look!

Next, I knew I needed to have my mops and brooms at the far end of the closet, so to HomeGoods I went!  They always have the little gadgets I need!  Sure enough, double pack of adjustable broom holders for $9 bucks!  One for the closet and one for the garage, which will desperately be needed this spring!

I did have a few extra things that didn't fit on the rack, so I used the old school, simple metal shower curtain hooks (which I had in my mounds of school supply bins) to hang the Swifter Wet Jet, since it's heaviest; and my broom, since I access that the most frequently! 

Some suction cups on the door to hold my small handheld dusters.  A clear page protector to house our weekly cleaning schedule (Thanks to Jen @ Tatertots & Jello for the idea!!)

I also, removed two of the shoe shelves I had in there, we seem to be keeping most of our shoes in our bedroom closet.  I did leave on shoe rack, because you have to have a little space for those that you kick off!  The space from the other two shoe racks, now parks the vacuum and mop buckets!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!  Next, I'd like to add some fun wallpaper or painting technique to the back wall, or inside the door panels!  Definitely a summer project though!


  1. Thank you for the motivation this morning! Do you hire out?!

  2. I had my husband put another rod at the very top of the closet because we have the same coat problem. Way too many and none that we want to donate. We put out of season coats at the top over to each side and then put bins up the center with hats, mitts, etc. I just tuck the bottom of the coats under so they can sit on the shelf under.

  3. Kristin ... It'll cost you a bottle a wine ... just to get me out of the house is actually all it would take!! I'd love to come "configure" some areas for you!!
    Andrea ... we just might need a picture of that!! What a great idea, because I was wondering what to do with all that darn space above the shelf goodies ... there's seriously like 4 feet up of open space!! Ooh ... you've got me going now!! :)
    (PS ... thanks for my first comments girls! Made my day!!)


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