A Couple Christmas Projects


This year I enjoyed doing some new projects for the holidays ... more so this year because I'm home, then any other year ... so far, anyways!  Plus ... it's also my first season with PINTEREST!!  Need I say more!

So, in the new house, we have windows ... lots of windows!  I created some Christmas Wreaths for the indoor windows in our living/kitchen great room.  I first saw something similar to this photo from Southern Living, however the wreaths were on the inside of the sun room. 

I had 6 windows I wanted to add wreaths to ... Farm and Fleet, a store local to IL & WI, had two toned wreaths for 5 bucks!  Then I hit the Jo-Ann Fabrics early sale with an additional 25% of my entire purchase and bought the velvet ribbon, berry picks, and cinnamon scented pine cones. 

A little crafty time with floral wire ... and this is what came about! 

I made each wreath for under 10 bucks! And for the ones selling at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, Michaels, etc ... for 50 bucks or more, even with a 50% off coupon ... I was pretty happy! Plus I can change these out with my themes each year, as I choose!

Here's a few of them in our living room windows, along side our mantle!
I also wanted two Front Porch Christmas Trees to frame the sides of our front door!  Now looking at some at HomeGoods, Menards, etc ... I knew they were well out of our budget!  So, to Pinterest I went!  And, of course ... found these Tomato Cage Trees!!

So, I first asked my mom if she had any tomato cages ... no such luck!  Menards and Home Depot, out for the season.  Then, mom found some on the clearance rack at the Dollar Store!!  Wahoo!!  Less then a buck for 2!!  I bought some cheapo garland from Michaels for $1.99 for a 9' section ... I bought 6, I had 2 at home already from years past!

A couple hours, some white lights, and an extra gaudy bow for the top! 

Tah dah!!  Cheap front porch Christmas Trees!!

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