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So, every year at this time I find myself hunting for a cute ... cheap ... calendar to mark all our important to remembers on!  Well ... with starting our Home Organization binder in October ... I really want to push to use it efficiently this year!  Also, I'm planning on creating a dry/erase "family command center," so to speak, so having an additional calendar on the side of the fridge just isn't necessary, plus I'm happy to lose the "clutter" look it gives!

In reading through the number of brilliant blogs that are out there, someone mentioned that birthdays and anniversaries are always the same from year to year ... duh???!!!  I know, ** smacking forehead with open hand! **  So, in my office I have our "sloppy" calendar, where I jot things down quickly ... if I don't, I'll forget them! 

I have the calendar on my office organizer from thirty-one ... which I LOVE!!  There are two clear pockets on it ... one horizontal and one vertical.  The vertical one is right next to the calendar, so I'm going to slide in our yearly important dates in there!  (In the future, I'm planning to purchase cards for 3 months and slide them behind it ... then we'll always be ready for the monthly events!!)

So, here is the Important Dates page I created ... I made it both vertical or horizontal, so you can choose which works best for you!  Enjoy!!

These wonderful blogs also have made Important Date pages ... some for purchase, some for FREE!!
* IHeart Organizing ... $$
* Organized Home
* It's Not Always Black & White ... $$
* The Project Girl

Also ... if you're interested in getting the Office Organizer ... here's a link to do so!  And you can get it in various patterns to match your own decor!  :) 
* Thirty-One: Jenna D.

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