Office Organization ... Coming Along!!


So my new Silhouette Cameo needed a safe and efficient home ... this lead to an entire revamp of our office space ... well, my office space!  No guts yet to touch the hubby's space!

Here's what I started with ... YIKES!!

Stuff ALL over!!  And just laying everywhere!!  And yes ... I did pull out bins before and try to make it effective, just didn't cut it!  Plus, this is only the office space ... I had another table set up in a spare bedroom with my sewing stuff and some crafting things! 
I needed it all in one central location!  The spare bedroom just wasn't enough space, especially sine the hubby's parent's come to visit about once a month and they need their own space!
So ... the office it was and here is what I have to work with!  So excited!!

I started by decluttering my desk and moving the light to the left side!  Then I moved the two wood finished bookcases aside the large white cabinet (which has a new home up in our bedroom!) and put them to the right of my desk.  Those black wire storage units just weren't working right out in the open.  The black wire shelves got rearranged and are now under the large folding tables, housing the wonderful black IKEA file boxes ... which still need labels!  As you can see, my Silhouette Cameo has a home right on top of my shelves near my desk, for quick USB hook up and lots and lots of use!!

I placed two old shelves from my classroom at the end of each table.  From the picture above looking into the room, I have some shoe bins with goodies in it, that my little guy will be able to use when he gets a tad older and some storage for wonderful magazines FULL of ideas!!  I then used some tension curtain rods (also from my classroom) to hold my spools of ribbon on the other shelf!  Storage underneath for scrap booking paper and MORE magazines!!  I grabbed a cheapo over the door shoe organizer from TJMaxx and that holds my large spools of curling ribbon ... and some tulle ... all hidden behind the office door!


And my favorite ... the wonderful Trofast shelving system pieces from IKEA to hold all the little things that I don't want my little man getting a hold of!  I spray painted the shelves black, used my Cameo to cut out the cute letters that I Mod-Podged onto the front of the bins!! So much fun and so ready to take on some projects!! 

(Ooh ... see that large, "double-wide" magazine holder next to my books ... that's where my larger cans and containers are hiding, i.e. Mod-Podge, Spray Adhesive, etc!)

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  1. I love your organized ribbons!!

    María from Spain


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