Spice up a quote!!


I stumbled upon this wonderful little blog a few days ago ... Sprik Space!  She has some wonderful printables and backgrounds; and offers quite a large stock of freebies!!!  (Not to mention she's also a NICU mommy, so I hold an even extra level of respect for her!!)

Sprik Space

I had recently found this fun little quote on Pinterest ... where else ... that I wanted to add to my newly arranged craft area!! 

I took that example and tweaked it a little with Print Shop and came up with this ...

Then while I was reading a recent blog on ... where else ... but Tatertots & Jello ... I was lead to some wonderful chevron backgrounds from Sprik Space!!  And that plain little Creativity quote was about to get a makeover!!

I simply downloaded her Creamy Tan chevron background ... added it to the back of my quote and got this ...

I love!!  And it adds a little something to the top of my craft shelves ... a space just begging to be filled!!  Here's the printable for you, if you so care to print one for yourself!!  Enjoy!!


  1. Super cute! Thanks for pointing me to the backgrounds resource - a new site I hadn't heard of!

  2. I am trying to find a free printable chevron background. Can you tell me how you downloaded the background and put your own text on it? Thanks! Your sign looks great!


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