Simple Family Monogram


Not sure if I have mentioned it before, but my husband is a high school athletic director! He loves what he does and is very dedicated to his job ... which we appreciate because it allows me to be home with our son. This also requires many hours away from home as well with having to attend sporting events about every other night!

Though to help him out a bit ... and to support my crafting, Pinteresting, designing, organizing habit ... I also watch a couple kiddos throughout the week ... 1 little one on M-W-F and another little one all week!

So, needless to say, some weeks there is very little time for crafting, blogging, interneting, you know ... the "me" stuff!

So on days like this ... I like to try and get in little projects, if I can manage! As I type, all 3 of the little ones are snoozing ... though one is stirring a bit!

Any who ... onto the important part of the post ... the Simple Family Monogram!

We had a couple pictures hanging on our "thermostat" wall ... (warning ... horrible picture ahead!)

For those that know me ... the asymmetry here is KILLING me!  So, I needed something to go on the right and balance it out! 

I had seen many cute Family Monograms on Pinterest, two of my favs...

Ahhh ... some day ... But, just no time ...

So ... I found some pretty paper in my scrapbooking stash that went with the teal and lime pops I'm trying to add to our kitchen/living room area. I decided on the teal this time!

First, I ran it through my Silhouette and cut out a simple large B ...

Then, I ran some black through to cut out the EST and year ...

I mounted this on some trimmed to size (8x10) neutral paper ...

Placed it in the black frame ... wah lah!!

And to help balance out the wall ... for my sanity ...

Ahh ... balance!!

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Baking Cabinet Organization


I love to bake!  There are few sweets that I will say no to ... and that's very, very few!!  Trust me ... my waistline shows it!  But ... it's me! 
One of the cabinets that I've been itching to organize, especially after the holiday rush, was our baking cabinet.  Now, by no means am I an expert baker ... so I don't have THAT many ingredients and such to organize ... but it was enough to drive me MAD when I went looking for something, or had to grab an extract that was behind others and all those little bottles came a'tumblin' forward!

I saw a post awhile back with some bins that had handles on them ... a genius!  (I'm sorry I can't remember where I saw it ... but if this sounds familiar to you, please let me know because I MUST credit you for this!!)  Being a bit short vertically challenged, I do have a hard time reaching things even on the third shelf in my cabinet ... yes I do have a step stool, but seriously, sometimes it's just too much to drag out!  Anywho ... back on track here ... I had found some handled baskets at The Container Store ...

They aren't incrediby expensive, but I wasn't thrilled with the design and it wasn't a necessity when I saw these.  Then ... the other day while visiting the Target Dollar Bins ... as I SO often do ... I found small baskets WITH HANDLES!!!  No way!!  I was so pumped!  I knew exactly where these puppies were going ... and at $2.50 for 2 ... you bet!!

So this is what I started with ...

I was hardly using the top shelf ... some of the stuff that was in there was stuff we haven't used in quite awhile ... aka ... Muscle Milk ... ha!  For those that know me, you're welcome for the chuckle!  Also, something I forgot to take a quick pic of ... the four canisters that were sitting on the counter right under this cabinet.  Now, only 2 actually have stuff in them, the others just finished out the set!  I wanted those off of the counter ... just like a simple counter ... makes it feel "cleaner" to me!

So, I pulled everything out ... again, forgot to take a quick pic ... I get so caught up in the moment!!  I started putting things here and there into baskets!  After another run to Target ... and then a Target search for two more sets of baskets ... this is what I have ...

I used my P-touch to add labels to the brims of each ... yes I could have added cute label tags, but when grabbing the handles I thought they might get in the way!

I also used my Silhouette Cameo to cut some vinyl words to label the canisters with ... the extra two are behind those two ... but still empty!

So with a few bucks and some quick labels, my baking chaos has become a neat and tidy baking supply cabinet!  The items are easier to access because of the handles and I really only need to pull out the step stool for that top shelf, which houses items I use only occassionally ... though I really should be substituting that Splenda a bit here and there ... it surely couldn't hurt!!

I would still like to add this to the inside of the cabinet ... from Say It On The Wall

Along with some fun liner paper on the back of it for a pop of color.  These things will have to wait till I paint all out kitchen cabinets this summer ... can't wait ... out with the Medium Oak ... bluck!

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Somewhat Simple

Menu Board ... Featured on TT&J!!


So very excited to wake up this morning and find that my Menu Board has been featured in Tatertots & Jello 21 DIY Organizing Ideas for the week from her Weekend Wrap Up Party! 

For a little blogger like me ... this is a BIG DEAL!!  Feels like I just won a blog world lottery or raffle ... seriously excited! 

Ahhh ... onto the next!!

Time to Paint the Mantel ... but what??


Our mantel has become one of my favorite places to decorate ... especially for the seasonal holidays! I'm about to take down the Valentine's decor, but before some Spring motif goes up ... I am tired of the meduim oak finish ... yuck!!!

However, I'm stuck ... I can't seem to decide what I want to do with it ...

Here are the options I'm thinking ...

Option 1: Paint the mantel white to match the rest of the trim in the house ...

See how the trim is all white around the windows ...

Option 2: Paint the mantel a dark espresso/cherry type of color to match the painted mirror ... and the leather tone of our furniture ...

See how the mirror is a deep brownish color ...

Option 3:  Paint the mantel black to match the fire place front ...

See that black ... not all that crazy about the fireplace style, but it's not going anywhere anytime soon!!

Option 4:  Using any of the finishes above ... I was thinking of maybe giving it a rustic, beat up type of finish by wearing away the fresh coat of paint and adding some gouges and hammer impressions.

AGHHH ... decisions, decisions!!

On a side note ... also to consider, we will be adding an entertainment wall unit (once that tax $ comes through ... fingers crossed for a nice return) in the deep espresso type finish ... at least that's the plan as of now ... knowing the color choice will probably change by the time we go pick it out! 

Thanks ahead of time for your input!  If you have any other options ... please let me know ... we're open to any suggestions!

Produce Storage ... Not in the Fridge


When we first moved into this house, there was a large buffet type of piece in our kitchen that I was definitely not in love with.  I thought it'd be great outside on the deck to use for gardening and barbecuing.  It had metal, rod shelves, with metal sheets lining the bottom of the lowest shelves.  I was not a fan, it was just too industrial. 

However, it fit in so perfectly in the space in our kitchen that everyone couldn't believe I wanted it out ... including the hubs!  So, there it still sits.  So, since it wasn't going anywhere, it was my goal to make it work ... Tim Gunn style!

I have a plethora of the Branas baskets from IKEA ... of all sizes! 

We have some in our master closet which house my "dresser" things, since I don't have one!  I have some in our little guy's room to house toys.  And now, we have some in our kitchen housing some of our produce. 

The baskets have definitely softened the look of the buffet as I was hoping it would!  It also keeps the potatoes and onions in a cool, darker place instead of being out in the open ... since we don't have a walk in pantry, there just isn't space in our wall pantry. 

I was also able to add a bit of our "color splash" that I've been adding in little bits and pieces to the kitchen!  I bought some small oval wood plaques from Michael's for .29 each.  I painted them with a few coats of chalkboard paint.  Drilled a couple holes, ran some ribbon through, and tied them to the baskets!!  Each has a label, but it's not permanent! 

I also found these cute wire baskets at Home Goods for $5 each ... added some screws, and love them on our wall ... just below the menu board! 

I love how the buffet has softened up, thankfully, because we have put it to good use for our parties, family gatherings, and everyday doings!  (Now to just get two more baskets to fill those bottom to spots ... Wahoo ... that means ... IKEA run!!)

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Menu Board


I've been dying to make a menu board for our kitchen ... hubs is always asking what's for dinner, what are we having tonight ... etc.  As our little guy gets older, I'm sure he will proudly follow in his daddy's footsteps in wanting to know what's for dinner! 

I fell in love with Jen's chalkboard menu, from IHeart Organizing, that she made from an old cabinet door she found!  Personally, I'm not a big fan of chalk, mainly the dusty mess.  I know they have the chalk markers out, but still, the erasing and white dust left behind is something this ... uhm ... shall I be nice to myself ... anal retentive perfectionist has a hard time with. 

So, I decided on using a frame ... got at Michaels awhile back ... 50% off + additional 25% off ... so next to nothing.  I picked out some fabric to add some pop of color, which I'm currently working on doing in our kitchen/family room area.  Grabbed some coordinating ribbon and scrapbooking paper.  And off I went.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the circles and letters.  Taped the fabric around a piece of thin cardboard.  Glued the cut pieces to the fabric ... easier said then done when the fabric was skewed a bit in one direction ... ugh!  Added a bit of ribbon to frame out each section ... wahla! 

I love!  Can't wait to fill it in for the week tomorrow and won't have to keep hubby guessing ... or asking!  Also, it will help me throughout my day to know what needs to be pulled out of the freezer, fridge, pantry, etc., etc., etc.!

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Cleaning Schedule ... aka ... My Grown-Up Chores Chart


As I have mentioned in many of my posts, I love our new house ... love the space, the yard, the newness and blank slate it presents.  One thing I don't love ... ugh, the cleaning!!  I'm not the tidiest person ... swear!  I am a definite accumulator from day to day ... little pile here, little pile there.  Then straightening and organizing these piles would become my "cleaning."  So, the true cleaning would be few and far between. 

In a house that we plan to stay in for a very ... VERY ... long time, I want to be sure to stay on top of the cleaning for it helps things last longer and gives me a sense of satisfaction of "job" well done!

In my previous post about the Cleaning section of our Home Organization Binder, I was trying to develop certain days for certain tasks.  I've found many, many cleaning lists that have the week divided by rooms ... i.e. Monday-bathrooms; Tuesday-Living/Dining Room ... etc. 

Personally, I don't want to be pulling my Windex out 4 out of 5 days a week, same with the mop and bucket, Pledge, etc.  So, with my schedule I have assigend various tasks for each day.  For instance, Monday is Mop and Menu Planning Monday ... yes, the beginning letters coordination is on purpose ... it's the teacher in me! ... so I mop the floors, clip coupons, and plan the menu for the week.  This way the mop and bucket are only getting pulled out one day instead of two or three of the days. 

So far, this has kept me pretty on track!  The mnemonics of the tasks matching the beginning letter of the day helps me tremendously!  I have the schedule posted in my mudroom closet that you can see above.  I also have copies in our household binder for checking off, copy making and referencing.  Hubby has even noticed it too ... now to just get him to jump on the bandwagon and help ... won't hold my breath!  :)

Here are the free printable schedules for your utilization!  I have the basic schedule and the one with this ability to write in the month.  Enjoy!

Cleaning Schedules

Tissue Wreath


Valentine's Day is creeping up oh so quickly!!  With our new mantel, I've loved decorating it for each of the holidays thus far!  The decor has been simple ... which is mostly because of time and money constraints, but enjoyable all the same!

So you've seen the XOXO yarn letters I created!  I've since been working on my tissue wreath.  I first saw the idea for the wreath on the blog A Blissful Nest.  So cute!!  I thought ... of course, I can do one for Valentine's Day!! 

After I finished my XOXO letters ... I then saw these LOVE letters post in a link party and was so envious of the fun "ombre" effect!! 

Then my wheels started turning ... hmmm, how could I make something with that "ombre" effect ... see where I'm going here ... YES!!!!  My wreath!!

 So I purchased all pink tissue paper for the wreath, but with my newly organized craft space ... I have plenty of tissue at hand ... including darker pink and red!!!  So, it was on!  I used about 40 sheets of paper ... I know I used a full pack of tissue for the lighter pink, which covers half the wreath.

I started by cutting my tissue paper to about 6" x 6" squares, give or take a half inch, depending on the size of the sheets of tissue.

I used spray adhesive to add a layer of tissue paper for backing to the floral wreath.  I used an Exacto knife to cut around the outer and inner edges.

I then used a lollipop stick (you know the ones that everyone is using for cake pops nowadays) to poke numerous holes on the wreath ... the closer together the holes, the more paper (& time) you will need!  But you will also get a much fuller effect as well!

Once the holes were punched, I began filling a small section with white craft glue ... with my little guy around and my availability of incriments of time, I chose the craft glue over the glue gun.  Seemed to work well! 

I took a small stack of tisue squares, placed the lollipop stick in the center and gently wrapped the tissue over the stick ... just to give me an general idea of where the center was.  Then I would take one piece at a time, find the middle and gather it a bit more.  Then, take the stick and shove that center into the prepunched hole with glue in it!  Wah lah!  And you're off ... continue to stuff tissue into the holes!  As you go, you'll find you get into a rhythm.  I made sure to consistently, gently brush up the tissue as I went, making sure the paper was free of wrinkles and folds ... it will make a HUGE difference in appearance when you're done!

Since I used the paper I had on hand for the darker pink and red ... I ended up having just enough to cover the face of the wreath ... therefore, I used red ribbon I had left over from Christmas to wrap around the outside and inside edges of the wreath.  I did use hot glue to attach that.  Honestly, you hardly notice it, but I'd prefer that over slightly seeing the green floral styrofoam.

I added some pink satin ribbon to the top for hanging ... attatched it to our mantel mirror ... and wah lah ... a "purtee" tissue wreath with an "ombre" effect ... which I am in love with!

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A Name Change ... :)


Good Morning All!

I've decided to go with a more "simple" approach to my blog to allow for a more broad range of topics and projects!  Organization will still be a large part of my blog as I continue to turn this house into our true home!  In doing so though, there will be lots ... LOTS of other topics and areas I'd like to share (aka ... the yarn letters for Valentine's Day) that wouldn't necessarily fall into the category of organization! 

So ... Simply Sane Organization has gone even more simple to ...

Sane Simplicity!

Thanks all for your continued support and following ... I am truly, truly loving this!  So look forward to your comments and readings!  And I love having a reason to do more projects and things around our house!! 
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