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I love to bake!  There are few sweets that I will say no to ... and that's very, very few!!  Trust me ... my waistline shows it!  But ... it's me! 
One of the cabinets that I've been itching to organize, especially after the holiday rush, was our baking cabinet.  Now, by no means am I an expert baker ... so I don't have THAT many ingredients and such to organize ... but it was enough to drive me MAD when I went looking for something, or had to grab an extract that was behind others and all those little bottles came a'tumblin' forward!

I saw a post awhile back with some bins that had handles on them ... a genius!  (I'm sorry I can't remember where I saw it ... but if this sounds familiar to you, please let me know because I MUST credit you for this!!)  Being a bit short vertically challenged, I do have a hard time reaching things even on the third shelf in my cabinet ... yes I do have a step stool, but seriously, sometimes it's just too much to drag out!  Anywho ... back on track here ... I had found some handled baskets at The Container Store ...

They aren't incrediby expensive, but I wasn't thrilled with the design and it wasn't a necessity when I saw these.  Then ... the other day while visiting the Target Dollar Bins ... as I SO often do ... I found small baskets WITH HANDLES!!!  No way!!  I was so pumped!  I knew exactly where these puppies were going ... and at $2.50 for 2 ... you bet!!

So this is what I started with ...

I was hardly using the top shelf ... some of the stuff that was in there was stuff we haven't used in quite awhile ... aka ... Muscle Milk ... ha!  For those that know me, you're welcome for the chuckle!  Also, something I forgot to take a quick pic of ... the four canisters that were sitting on the counter right under this cabinet.  Now, only 2 actually have stuff in them, the others just finished out the set!  I wanted those off of the counter ... just like a simple counter ... makes it feel "cleaner" to me!

So, I pulled everything out ... again, forgot to take a quick pic ... I get so caught up in the moment!!  I started putting things here and there into baskets!  After another run to Target ... and then a Target search for two more sets of baskets ... this is what I have ...

I used my P-touch to add labels to the brims of each ... yes I could have added cute label tags, but when grabbing the handles I thought they might get in the way!

I also used my Silhouette Cameo to cut some vinyl words to label the canisters with ... the extra two are behind those two ... but still empty!

So with a few bucks and some quick labels, my baking chaos has become a neat and tidy baking supply cabinet!  The items are easier to access because of the handles and I really only need to pull out the step stool for that top shelf, which houses items I use only occassionally ... though I really should be substituting that Splenda a bit here and there ... it surely couldn't hurt!!

I would still like to add this to the inside of the cabinet ... from Say It On The Wall

Along with some fun liner paper on the back of it for a pop of color.  These things will have to wait till I paint all out kitchen cabinets this summer ... can't wait ... out with the Medium Oak ... bluck!

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  1. I will have to run to Target. I need to go at our Medical cabinet like no business. Fevers and Pain killers, Cough and Cold, Cuts and Scrapes, These just might work.

    1. MusicalMommy ... I hear ya! Target also has cute, square ones with little folding handles on them! I picked a bunch of those for that exact thing! Our cabinet needs some serious TLC!!

  2. Can I come bake in your kitchen? I love how you organized your baking cabinet. It would make finding items and also putting items go girl! :D

    I found you on fingerprints on the fridge and glad I did. You have a very nice blog and I am your newest GFC follower. I'd love for you to come visit my blog sometime! Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thanks Marilyn ... you're too kind!! You can come bake ANYTIME!! ;) I appreciate the following!! I'm headed over to "visit" right now!! Have a wonderful weekend!
      :) Christy

  3. I love all the baskets and your labels. I just read an article about Splenda (you may to keep avoiding it

    By the way, your button looks great!

    1. Thanks Allyson! That bag has been up there for quite awhile ... should have just tossed it ... I will now! Thanks for the link!
      And thanks for the button kudos ... I made it all by myself ... so proud! (And finally got it working thanks to you!)
      :) Christy


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