Cleaning Schedule ... aka ... My Grown-Up Chores Chart


As I have mentioned in many of my posts, I love our new house ... love the space, the yard, the newness and blank slate it presents.  One thing I don't love ... ugh, the cleaning!!  I'm not the tidiest person ... swear!  I am a definite accumulator from day to day ... little pile here, little pile there.  Then straightening and organizing these piles would become my "cleaning."  So, the true cleaning would be few and far between. 

In a house that we plan to stay in for a very ... VERY ... long time, I want to be sure to stay on top of the cleaning for it helps things last longer and gives me a sense of satisfaction of "job" well done!

In my previous post about the Cleaning section of our Home Organization Binder, I was trying to develop certain days for certain tasks.  I've found many, many cleaning lists that have the week divided by rooms ... i.e. Monday-bathrooms; Tuesday-Living/Dining Room ... etc. 

Personally, I don't want to be pulling my Windex out 4 out of 5 days a week, same with the mop and bucket, Pledge, etc.  So, with my schedule I have assigend various tasks for each day.  For instance, Monday is Mop and Menu Planning Monday ... yes, the beginning letters coordination is on purpose ... it's the teacher in me! ... so I mop the floors, clip coupons, and plan the menu for the week.  This way the mop and bucket are only getting pulled out one day instead of two or three of the days. 

So far, this has kept me pretty on track!  The mnemonics of the tasks matching the beginning letter of the day helps me tremendously!  I have the schedule posted in my mudroom closet that you can see above.  I also have copies in our household binder for checking off, copy making and referencing.  Hubby has even noticed it too ... now to just get him to jump on the bandwagon and help ... won't hold my breath!  :)

Here are the free printable schedules for your utilization!  I have the basic schedule and the one with this ability to write in the month.  Enjoy!

Cleaning Schedules

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