Menu Board ... Featured on TT&J!!


So very excited to wake up this morning and find that my Menu Board has been featured in Tatertots & Jello 21 DIY Organizing Ideas for the week from her Weekend Wrap Up Party! 

For a little blogger like me ... this is a BIG DEAL!!  Feels like I just won a blog world lottery or raffle ... seriously excited! 

Ahhh ... onto the next!!


  1. WHOOHOO!!! I know Exactly how you feel! This is THE BEST feeling ever!! Congrats to you! I am so happy for you- your blog is adorable, keep doing you! I knew that Menu Board was oh so perfect!!! Congrats lady- huge hug from Jen!

  2. Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOO much Jen!! I have a few friends who understand ... but not many!! So nice to have "blog friend" support!! Thanks for the encouragement too ... I love doing this ... this is FUN!!!

  3. Congrats on the feature!! I know the feeling! It's so exciting to be recognized! I'm loving your blog and definitely following! :)

    1. Thanks Jenny!! I so appreciate it!! Speaking of loving your blog ... yours is AMAZING and so darn cute!! I'm now following you too!! You've given me SO many new ideas ... just from browsing your home page! Very creative!! :) Christy


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