Produce Storage ... Not in the Fridge


When we first moved into this house, there was a large buffet type of piece in our kitchen that I was definitely not in love with.  I thought it'd be great outside on the deck to use for gardening and barbecuing.  It had metal, rod shelves, with metal sheets lining the bottom of the lowest shelves.  I was not a fan, it was just too industrial. 

However, it fit in so perfectly in the space in our kitchen that everyone couldn't believe I wanted it out ... including the hubs!  So, there it still sits.  So, since it wasn't going anywhere, it was my goal to make it work ... Tim Gunn style!

I have a plethora of the Branas baskets from IKEA ... of all sizes! 

We have some in our master closet which house my "dresser" things, since I don't have one!  I have some in our little guy's room to house toys.  And now, we have some in our kitchen housing some of our produce. 

The baskets have definitely softened the look of the buffet as I was hoping it would!  It also keeps the potatoes and onions in a cool, darker place instead of being out in the open ... since we don't have a walk in pantry, there just isn't space in our wall pantry. 

I was also able to add a bit of our "color splash" that I've been adding in little bits and pieces to the kitchen!  I bought some small oval wood plaques from Michael's for .29 each.  I painted them with a few coats of chalkboard paint.  Drilled a couple holes, ran some ribbon through, and tied them to the baskets!!  Each has a label, but it's not permanent! 

I also found these cute wire baskets at Home Goods for $5 each ... added some screws, and love them on our wall ... just below the menu board! 

I love how the buffet has softened up, thankfully, because we have put it to good use for our parties, family gatherings, and everyday doings!  (Now to just get two more baskets to fill those bottom to spots ... Wahoo ... that means ... IKEA run!!)

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  1. I really love all those ideas! Come re-organize my kitchen!!

  2. Awesome baskets. I use old bushel baskets for my onions and potatoes but I like how yours are square.

  3. Good ideas. You've inspired me to work on my own pantry

  4. Baskets are so great in organizing - love how you've done this!

  5. Cute baskets. Am redoing my pantry right now and trying to find the right baskets/storage for my pantry produce. Maybe something like this would work. Thanks for the images.

  6. Thanks so much ladies!! I am a HUGE fan of baskets for organization ... years ago it started out Longaberger style ... and then I smartened up and started going a little more cost worthy ... though the Longaberger baskets were very sturdy and well crafted! I'm actually off to IKEA tomorrow to grab some more! Happy organizing! :) Christy

  7. lovely!! I have these baskets too!! so useful!



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