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Valentine's Day is creeping up oh so quickly!!  With our new mantel, I've loved decorating it for each of the holidays thus far!  The decor has been simple ... which is mostly because of time and money constraints, but enjoyable all the same!

So you've seen the XOXO yarn letters I created!  I've since been working on my tissue wreath.  I first saw the idea for the wreath on the blog A Blissful Nest.  So cute!!  I thought ... of course, I can do one for Valentine's Day!! 

After I finished my XOXO letters ... I then saw these LOVE letters post in a link party and was so envious of the fun "ombre" effect!! 

Then my wheels started turning ... hmmm, how could I make something with that "ombre" effect ... see where I'm going here ... YES!!!!  My wreath!!

 So I purchased all pink tissue paper for the wreath, but with my newly organized craft space ... I have plenty of tissue at hand ... including darker pink and red!!!  So, it was on!  I used about 40 sheets of paper ... I know I used a full pack of tissue for the lighter pink, which covers half the wreath.

I started by cutting my tissue paper to about 6" x 6" squares, give or take a half inch, depending on the size of the sheets of tissue.

I used spray adhesive to add a layer of tissue paper for backing to the floral wreath.  I used an Exacto knife to cut around the outer and inner edges.

I then used a lollipop stick (you know the ones that everyone is using for cake pops nowadays) to poke numerous holes on the wreath ... the closer together the holes, the more paper (& time) you will need!  But you will also get a much fuller effect as well!

Once the holes were punched, I began filling a small section with white craft glue ... with my little guy around and my availability of incriments of time, I chose the craft glue over the glue gun.  Seemed to work well! 

I took a small stack of tisue squares, placed the lollipop stick in the center and gently wrapped the tissue over the stick ... just to give me an general idea of where the center was.  Then I would take one piece at a time, find the middle and gather it a bit more.  Then, take the stick and shove that center into the prepunched hole with glue in it!  Wah lah!  And you're off ... continue to stuff tissue into the holes!  As you go, you'll find you get into a rhythm.  I made sure to consistently, gently brush up the tissue as I went, making sure the paper was free of wrinkles and folds ... it will make a HUGE difference in appearance when you're done!

Since I used the paper I had on hand for the darker pink and red ... I ended up having just enough to cover the face of the wreath ... therefore, I used red ribbon I had left over from Christmas to wrap around the outside and inside edges of the wreath.  I did use hot glue to attach that.  Honestly, you hardly notice it, but I'd prefer that over slightly seeing the green floral styrofoam.

I added some pink satin ribbon to the top for hanging ... attatched it to our mantel mirror ... and wah lah ... a "purtee" tissue wreath with an "ombre" effect ... which I am in love with!

Follow this post linked up here ... along with WONDERFUL other ideas!!



  1. I love this! I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by Picked by Jane when you have some time and follow me as well:)

  2. Hi! Visiting from tt&j. Wow! Thats a great looking wreath! I want to make one asap! :)

    Im going to poke around your site some more.. if you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party :)

  3. this might be my favorite valentine wreath that I have seen! Great job!

  4. So cute! Thanks for visiting me over at Coffee, Cakes, & Crazies!


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