Burlap & Gingham Spring Banner


Here in Northern Illinois ... it's been so very pleasant it feels as if we have almost passed up Spring!  I'm certain Mother Nature will pull back here shortly though and remind me of just where I live!  I've been meaning to get a go on my Spring Mantel, so ... today I finally did!! 

I had some leftover burlap from a Wizard of Oz scarecrow costume I made a few Halloweens ago!  I also had some pretty yellow gingham material from my school supplies (most likely backing for a bulletin board). 

I started by making a cardboard shape to use as a pattern tracer.  I traced and cut out 6 burlap banner pieces. 

Next, I used my Silhouette (probably incorrectly, but it worked) to cut out the letters for spring from the yellow gingham fabric.

I then folded over an inch of the top of each banner piece and zig-zag stitched along there. 

I then serged around the outer edges of each piece to give it a little more yellow pizazz! 

Next, I spread tacky glue with a brush on the back of each letter and stuck it to the burlap.

Finally, I placed the ribbon along the back of each banner piece, just above the zig-zag stitched line and added another zig-zag line to attach the pieces to the ribbon! 

And ... tah dah ... a cute, simple Spring banner to place along the top of our mantel mirror!!  I love it! 

Now ... onto the next mantel projects (after I enjoy a glass of wine and catch up on some blogging ... of course!)

Happy Spring!  :)

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Quick Mantel Redo


I finally got around to painting our mantel this past weekend!  I wanted a quick change ... eventually I'd like to change out the mantel and add a wooden surround with new dimension ... among other things!  For now, my goal was to get rid of the medium oak ... and now we're one step closer!!

I started by simply sanding the old mantel to get the sheen of the finish off ...

I then wiped all the dust off and gave it one more sanding for safe measure ...

Then I used a pretinted quart of paint from Lowe's ... Valspar's Java Brown ... I applied 3 coats ... just to be safe!  Coverage was great with this paint ... I was very impressed!!

I am very happy with how it turned out!!  The finishes are a tad off between the mantel and the mirror ... I may seal it with a polyurethane so then I can have a nice clean seal and match the sheen to the mirror a little closer! 

Now ... something MUST be done with that tile!!  ;)  Not to mention those medium oak kitchen cabinets in the reflection!! 

For now ... some Spring decor is a necessity!!

Dollar Bin Bathroom Organization


A few weeks ago I grabbed some cute teal bins from the Target dollar section to use in our master bathroom closet.  It has wire shelves and every time I would go to grab something ... I'd get that domino effect!  You know the one where you carefully sneak your hand in to careful maneuver something out and just as you're about clear of getting the item out, your arm brushes something and then ... dominoes ... and you gracefully try and grab/juggle everything as it begins to fall??!!  Yep ... that's what would happen all the time!

Our master has a teal, dark brown, and tan color scheme ... so I loved that the baskets carried that color into our bathroom ... though behind a closed door! 

Here's the before ...

Here ...

No here ... ahhhh ... I did it again ... got so excited about organizing the "dominoes" that I failed to grab a before picture!  Drat!  Sorry ... but ... try and picture all the bottles in the bins toppled and knocked over lying on the wire shelves!

I'm not a fan of the wire shelving ... adds to the "topple"ness of items ... but new shelving in the master bath closet is not quite a priority by any means!! 

So I spotted these cute little baskets and thought they'd be just the solution!!  And they have worked out nicely!  Do I wish they were a tad larger ... I do ... but for the price and the fun color ... I just couldn't pass them up! 

A cute little label to label the contents and wah lah ... cute, cheap organization!!  LOVE!! 

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Blog Tag ... Love It ... You're Next??!!


I've been tagged!!  What a fun way to meet and get to know other bloggers!! 

A huge thanks to Jen from Four Marrs and One Venus for tagging me!  Be sure to stop by her wonderful blog and share in her wealth of geniusness!! 


So ... here goes ... I, first, am answering Jen's 11 questions she prompted us with! 

1. What is your favorite type of flower?
     ** Tulips ... and I LOVE lilacs ... both just around the corner as Spring begins to SPRING!! ;)

2. Your best talent is?
     ** I don't know that I have a "best" talent ... I feel I do have a lot of skills, just no mastery in one!

3. Favorite Movie and Book?
     ** Pride and Prejudice!!  Just started reading it again on my Kindle this week!

4. Why do you Blog?
     ** As a teacher, I was able to get my creating, organizing, room arranging, etc. needs out in the classroom!  Now, being a stay at home mom and recently moving into a new home ... aka ... blank slate ... I thought I could share our journey of growing into our new home with family and friends!

5. What is your favorite color scheme?
     ** Ooh ... hard one!  I'm a big fan of greys with pops of color right now!  Our great room & kitchen area is grey and I'm adding pops of teal and lime!  Also would love to do a grey with yellow pop somewhere ... but where??!!

6. One word that describes you?
     ** Passionate

7. The most craziest thing you have done?
     ** Registered at a design school to become an interior designer ... would have been crazy had I followed through with it, but reality got the best of me!  Not that "crazy" of a person I guess!!  ;)

8. Your favorite sport to watch is?
     ** Love me some baseball!!!  Go Cubbies!!

9. Your dream vacation and who would you bring?
     ** Trip with the hubby to the Maldives!!

10. Facial, Pedicure or Massage?
      ** Yes please!  :)  Okay, okay ... I'll play by the rules ... pedicure!

11. Your dream job?
      ** Interior designer ... darn it ... should've stuck with those classes!!  Never too late I suppose!

Now, it's my turn to be the "tagger!"  YES!!  Please take a moment to stop by these wonderful blogs and take a peek ... I like them for a reason!!  :)

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Lastly ... these gals will repost these questions and add them to a new post on their blogs!  So ... stop by and see how they answered these ...

1. How long have you been blogging?

2. What brought you to the blogging world?

3. What is/was/will be your occupation?

4. Dream job?

5. Favorite sweet treat?

6. Your idea of having fun?

7. Favorite movie or book?

8. Favorite sport or team?

9. Favorite "tool" you use?

10. Dream vacation?

11. Favorite food or type of food?

***************************** RULES: ********************************
  • You must post the rules.
  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you and then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged.
  • Tag 11 people ... or so(what you have time for, I figure better some then none!)... and link them in your post.
  • Post their button on your post if they have one.
  • Let them know you have tagged them.

Thanks so much for playing and visiting!!  What a fun way to get to know each other in the blogging community!  Thanks again, Jen, for including me!

A Little Dr Seuss Fun!!


It's been a pretty standard week around here ... all work and little play!!  This week I've been working on some party favors and decor for one of the dear little ladies I watch!! 

Happy 1st Birthday Evie!!

Evie is a special little lady who is also a preemie like our Bryce, so we have a pretty special place in our hearts for her!!  She is the big 1 today and we will be celebrating tomorrow ... Dr. Seuss style!! 

Her mom sent me some goodies she liked from Etsy to give me an idea of the direction she was going ... I was so excited to put my Silhouette to work once again!!

I made cupcake toppers by creating a PDF with some characters on Print Shop.  I punched those out with a circle punch.  Then I used the Silhouette to cut out larger circles from fun scrapbook paper as well as larger scallop circles for the backing with solid textured cardstock!

(More pictures to follow when they are on the cupcakes tomorrow!!)

I also made the fun sign you saw at the beginning!!  She had seen some Etsy sites that would create a PDF to have blown up into a large print, but she wanted more of an actual crafty type sign ... so I wrapped a piece of foam board in fun wrapping paper I found at Hobby Lobby.  I made a stencil of a scalloped border on the Silhouette to use as a tracer on a regular piece of poster board ... then cut that out (boy to I wish I could get the Silhouette to do these large jobs)!!  Then used a Dr Seuss font and cut out the saying along with the little mayor letters.  Added a circle with her pic and wah lah!!  A fun welcome sign to get guests in the Seussville spirit right as they enter the door!!

She also requested a Happy Birthday banner ... again, used the Silhouette to cut letters and printed scallop circles.  Then, simply cut a sheet of scrapbook paper in quarters and rounded the edges for the backing paper.  I used yellow and red ribbon along with white and blue tulle to add a little pizazz when connecting the letter squares!

Lastly, she needed some casual favor tags for just a few favors for the little ones attending the party tomorrow!  So ... once again (broken record) I used the Silhouette to cut out solid scallop circles and pattern circles.  Used Print Shop to make a quick PDF with a little saying of thanks I found online ... added some ribbon ... and tah dah ... a simple, yet cute little favor tag!

I will be sure and add some "in use" photos tomorrow at the party (when hopefully the natural light will be much better then in these ... sorry)!!  Can't wait to see it all together with all the other goodies she's been working on and placed orders for!

More importantly I can't wait to celebrate this little lady!!  Again ... the Happiest of Birthdays Miss Evie!!  XOXO

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