Pinterest Bust!!!


Our home has hardwood floors throughout our kitchen and breakfast nook!! While this is easy cleanup, it also becomes a slippery surface for a toddler!! Therefore I had to figure out a solution to having my carpets remain put with an active toddler constantly running his "laps!!"
To Pinterest I went...but of course!! I found a link to the wonderful blog In This Crazy Life which is found here!! She shared a tip from good ole Martha Stewart!!
Perfect!! I grabbed caulk and off I went!! I let it dry for almost two full days on my craft tables (I know...two whole days without crafting)!! It worked wonders!! My rugs stayed put for quite a long time...until I went to move the rugs to give my floor a hands-and-knees scrub!!! Pulled up the rugs and ... the caulk remained ... on the hardwood!! Ruuh-roh Scooby!!! Now, I went back and read that tip...I must admit I didn't pay attention to the type...though my tube of caulk doesn't have any "type" was the cheaply stuff, of course!!
I pulled what I could up, cautiously! Luckily only the caulk came up!! However, not all the caulk would come up!! Ughhh!! So, after purchasing new rugs, I simply laid them over the remaining caulk!! Well, today is time for another round of hands-and-knees scrubbing of the hardwoods!!
Well, I refuse to leave the caulk on the floor anymore!! So here I am with a small putty knife, carefully scrapping away the caulk!!
I guess those rug pads are worth the money...and the long run!! Lesson learned!!

Expedit Fun!!


So my trip to go scavenging turned into a day of IKEA-ing!!
I needed some more storage for my office/craft room!! I also wanted it instantly, not something I would have to redo or repaint. Additionally, I had a certain space I wanted it for...behind the door...aka, out of sight!! So I had specific measurements!!
Well...Expedit to the rescue!! I ended up with the 2 x 4 square in the dark brown!! I love!!! My first intention was to have all file boxes filling the spaces, but decided I needed a more accessible storage place for my magazines!! So, I have a little of both!!
The storage boxes hold some of my larger crafting goodies that were collecting on my craft table!! The magazine holders with magazine initials, from some extra large adhesive letters my mom had leftover, are now easy access to put my mags in!!!! Finally, a few books, that again were housed on my craft table, placed on top...and wa-laa!! Organization!!!
I now have plenty of space to utilize on my craft table and organized storage!!
It just means...time to craft!!!

A "ME" Day!!!


It's my second favorite time of & organizing time!! I've decided to jump on the weekly organization challenge set forth by A Bowl Full of Lemons and other sites!! This week...the office!! Thank goodness!! With Christmas crafting, gifting, wrapping, etc. that room is in desperate need!! I need some more shelving & storage in there for sure, since it is mostly my craft and sewing room and seconds as our office!! Well, you know me...not out to spend any more then I have to! So, I asked hubby for a ME day so I can go thrifting, resaling, HomeGooding, etc!! And he agreed!! So off I go to scavenger for some added office organization!! Yippee!! Goodie find post to come!!! Wish me luck!!
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